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Perfect boat photo tips

Ready to turn your boat into a maritime Fashion statement?


Here are some savvy tips to choosing the perfect boat photo for your design.

Key Photo Qualities

✓ High Resolution
Choose photos with sharp detail and high resolution.

✓ No Blurriness
Opt for clear, crisp images that showcase your boat’s features.

✓ Balanced Lighting
Select photos that aren’t too bright or too dark, ensuring your boat looks its best.

✓ Clear View
Make sure no other objects obstruct your boat’s appearance.

✓ Clean Background
A simple backdrop with the sky and ocean works best.

✓ Sailboat Tips
For sailboat designs, capture your vessel with its sail raised if you can.


Below are some examples of what is a good photo and what is a bad photo.

Any questions please ask via email.


bad example boat photo

This photo is great as it has the sails up, the light shines through the sails and there are people on deck, a nice personal touch!


While this is a beautiful sunset photo, it is too dark for making a personalised item. There is no definition of the boat and the background interfers with its shape.


Select high-resolution, clear photos with balanced lighting and a clean background to optimize your boat design.

Please note that photos with poor quality, such as low resolution, excessive blurriness, or inadequate lighting, won’t be accepted. This is to ensure the best outcome for your boat design.